5 years of STERNGLAS

5 years of STERNGLAS

We celebrate 5 years of STERNGLAS!

5 years as hard as sapphire glass and as beautiful as blued hands.

Wow! We look back on 5 years of STERNGLAS! Without you and the whole STERNGLAS community this milestone would not have been possible. We are incredibly grateful for that! The STERNGLAS journey startet in 2016. I hesitated for a long time, but then gathered my courage and started the Kickstarter campaign with the first timepiece. It has now turned into so much more!

5 years of ups and downs. When I think back on the last 5 years, there have been great successes, such as our many new models and design awards we have won. But failures are also part of it, like our legal dispute in 2018 where we had to take our 1st timepiece out of the range.

5 years of ups and downs. Together we have experienced countless great moments and built an awesome community! Full of anticipation for what is yet to come, we now look back on the last few years of STERNGLAS.

Thank you for being a part of it!

With the new Taiga GMT, we are entering new territory. We present our first timepiece with GMT function. A functional watch based on the design of classic field watches. My personal highlight: the engraved world map on the back of the case.

5 years of STERNGLAS - Actually, it all started back in 2007...

2007 - 2011
Dustin's student job at the watch brand MeisterSinger sparked his passion for watches. The idea was born: "The world needs affordable design watches."

2011 - 2016
Unsuccessful attempts to finally start his own watch brand. Other start-up watch brands sprang up, only because Dustin had waited too long with his perfectionism. New Year 2016, the decision is made to finally realise his own idea, no matter what.

2016, October
Dustin launches STERNGLAS and his first Kickstarter campaign: 16,000€ and almost 125 backers. The photos are taken Lüneburg Heide, near Hamburg. Family and friends lend a hand with shipping.

2017, January
Setback: Watches break in rows because the glass was incorrectly constructed. Then the realisation and to this day an important STERNGLAS quality factor: We use the hardest watch glass in the world - sapphire glass.

2018, January
Launch of the automatic timepiece. An important step towards mechanical movements at STERNGLAS.

First employees start at STERNGLAS as well as Henning as Co-Founder and CFO of STERNGLAS.

2018, May
Shock: legal dispute with well-known German watch brand on competition law grounds. The accusation: "STERNGLAS damages the reputation of the premium brand by low prices and similar design." Small note at this point: It was NOT Nomos.

We decide to withdraw from our 1st design and completely relaunch the STERNGLAS brand.

2018, September
End of the 1st timepiece and launch of our most successful model to date: the STERNGLAS Naos.

2019, January
There will also be an automatic version of the Naos: Launch of the Naos Automatic via Indiegogo crowdfunding.

Milestone: Decision to finally take off in brick-and-mortar retail. Dirk Proksch starts as Retail Director and with him various independent sales representatives at STERNGLAS.
By the end of 2019, the retail team has almost 100 POS in Germany.

2019, August - October
100 years of Bauhaus: We celebrate our source of inspiration with no less than 2 special editions, which enjoy great popularity and sell out within a very short time. Currently, the Hamburg Edition Bauhaus model is available as the 4th Bauhaus Edition. 

2020, February
Retail: We celebrate our trade fair premiere at Inhorgenta in Munich, Europe's leading trade fair for watches and jewellery.

2020, March
Corona: The lockdown breaks over STERNGLAS. In an unprecedented action, the STERNGLAS team builds webshops for jewellers in need, helping some retailers through the tough times. The STERNGLAS team is in the home office and we enjoy new watches and digital meetings every month.

2021, January
Launch of our 2nd Kickstarter campaign for the STERNGLAS Asthet, the super slim automatic watch. We are overwhelmed by the 1,249 backers!

2021, February
Together with the association Küste gegen Plastik we launch the limited edition model: Hamburg Küste, which is sold out after a short time. At the same time, we donate a total of more than 20,000€ in 2021 to the association, which supports sustainable projects against plastic waste.

2021, May
The team takes the processes in our logistics to a new level. We can now ship more efficiently, use more sustainable packaging materials and save plastic. By the way: we have been shipping our timepieces climate-neutrally for a long time thanks to DHL Go Green.

2021, September
There are now over 315 STERNGLAS POS in Germany, the USA, Austria and Great Britain. 

2021, October
🎉5th Anniversary: We celebrate our 5th birthday of STERNGLAS with the launch of the Taiga GMT.

A special thank you to the entire STERNGLAS team as well as all companions, working students, temporary staff and former employees of STERNGLAS.

We are looking forward to another exciting year and can already tell you: You can look forward to new exciting models and surprises!

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