The Sternglas Story: From a student job to a watch brand

It all started in a watch manufactury
Exactly at the age of 16 I started to work in a small watch manufactory as a student. I did the filing, attached straps to watches and lugged boxes. But much more important: this experience sparked my interest in watches. I told everyone about my job at the watch company, my teachers, my parents, my classmates.

One day, at the age of 21, I got the idea of founding a watch company myself. Of course, I told everyone about it again. But I was inexperienced, young and hesitant. And the worst thing: I thought about it for far too long and designed watches until late at night. After some time, brands that are very well known today passed me by. Brands without passion and without the love for detail. I was devastated and buried my dream. In the meantime I worked as a web designer. But this did not make me happy. Again and again I sat down at the watches and created new watch designs.

The founding of Sternglas
Then in 2016, I swore to myself I would finally do it. No matter what. I took everything together, all my savings, all my energy, my contacts and resources. And above all, I thought less complicated. In October, the time had finally come. The starting signal was given by crowdfunding and in the meantime binoculars have become a bit more familiar. Since then we have been doing one thing above all: beautiful and valuable watches that everyone can afford :-)

With best regards from Hamburg, 
yours Dustin
Founder of Sternglas