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Collection: Automatic

Automatic Watches for Men & Ladies – the elegant companion for every occasion

Automatic watches are the ideal accessory for everyone who loves classic and elegant watches. The clockwork and the functioning of these watches are absolutely stunning and unique, especially if you consider that they work without electricity. Instead of a battery, a rotor is implemented in automatic watches, which is moved by the natural movement of the wrist. This kinetic energy provides energy to wind the mainspring and therefore makes manual winding unnecessary. Hence, this fascinating process makes the clockwork run automatically without a battery.

Compared to the classic quartz watches, the automatic watches are not as time-specific. Consequently, aberrances of -20 to +40 seconds may occur per day, but nevertheless they are a valued accessory among ladies and gentlemen.

Our automatic watches not only convince because of the technical miracle, they also for sure are an absolute eye-catcher. We offer various timeless and minimalistic models, so you can wear them to every occasion. Above that, we use high-quality materials and a flawless design, so you will definitely find the perfect model for you.

The advantages of Sternglas:

  • convincing price-performance ratio
  • DLC Coating
  • flat casing and elegant design
  • 2 years of warranty
  • 30 days to return the product
  • exceptional and friendly customer service

Automatic Watch: The right model for your outfit

Our watches are not only technically flawless, but also a stylistic accessory that must fit to your outfit and the occasion. That’s why you will find multiple designs of automatic watches in our online shop, no matter if you prefer an elegant or athletic design. The best thing about Sternglas is that you can buy additional straps for your watch, so you can adapt the design to your current outfit. You can choose between leather wristbands, metal wristbands, Milanese wristbands, nylon wristbands and even natural rubber wristbands.

Discover the perfect automatic watch for you:

  • Different clock-face designs in black, blue and white
  • casings in either silver or gold
  • wristbands in different materials and colours

Feel free to browse through our online shop and take a look at our automatic watches for men and women. You will certainly find a model you like and if you don’t, also take a look at our quartz watches or vintage watches.

Why is an automatic watch from Sternglas the perfect fit for you?

The automatic watches for men and women from Sternglas are a perfect fit for everyone who loves a delicate technique. Furthermore, the fact that the natural movement of the wrist makes the clockwork run is absolutely amazing and ideal for someone who has a thing for unique watches. With our automatic watches, you are even able to have a look at this technique thanks to the bottom out of sapphire glass. Another advantage of the automatic clockwork is, that they are way more resilient and long-living, so you really make an investment for many years.

All advantages of automatic watches:

  • long-living high quality clockwork
  • fascinating technique for everyone who loves special watches
  • clockwork runs without a battery
  • timeless and simple design
  • exchangeable wristbands
  • flat casing

We at Sternglas guarantee the highest German quality and a minimalistic as well as elegant design that can be worn to any occasion. Thanks to our diverse collection, you can choose between automatic watches in silver or gold and different wristbands you can exchange afterwards to make your watch even more individual. Our well known Naos automatic watch was even prized with the IF Design Award.

Feel free to have a look at the other watch designs we offer to guarantee that you find the perfect fit for you!