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    popup|Limited to 999 pieces|A special edition as a one-off and therefore a real rarity. Thanks to the engraved limitation number, each piece is unique.
    popup|316L stainless steel with black PVD coating|Stainless steel of the "Type 316L" class is considered rustproof and extremely robust. The black PVD coating is light-resistant and does not discolour.
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    popup|Sporty design in detail|The dial alone is made from 29 individual parts. The tachymeter scale and coloured highlights are inspired by outer space.
    popup|Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal|Double anti-reflective sapphire crystal - the third hardest transparent material in the world - ensures a clear view.
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    popup|Sporty design in detail|We manufacture the dial alone from 29 individual parts. The tachymeter scale and colored highlights are inspired by the cockpit of a sports car.
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Buy a quartz watch online - our buying guide

Are you looking for a modern wristwatch that tells the time as accurately as possible and looks stylish and timeless at the same time? Then a quartz watch from Sternglas is always the right choice. We not only pay attention to the highest quality and process high-quality quartz movements, for example from Ronda, but also convince with modern designs in the timeless Bauhaus style.

Discover a selection of different quartz watches for men and women in simple designs and various colours in our online shop.

Do you need help choosing the right quartz watch? Then take a look at this buying guide, where we give you important tips on quality and design.

Quartz watches impress with high accuracy

Quartz watches are battery-operated and thus belong to the category of electric watches. The battery only needs to be changed every 1 to 2 years. Inside the clock there is also a quartz crystal, which gives the clock its name. It is shaped like a tuning fork and functions as a watch. Thanks to the crystal, quartz watches have a high degree of accuracy. They show you the time particularly precisely.

STERNGLAS Quarzuhr Naos weiß

How to find the right quartz watch for every day

When buying a quartz wristwatch, you should not only look for a stylish design that suits your taste, but also for high quality and workmanship. From the movement to the wristband, the quartz watch should impress with high-quality materials and maximum functionality. After all, you want to be able to wear the watch comfortably in everyday life.

We show you what you should look out for and how you can recognise a high-quality quartz watch.

The quartz movement should convince with quality

The movement is the basis for high functionality and accurate timekeeping. You shouldn't skimp on quality here, because that will take its toll later and the watch won't last as long. We rely, for example, on high-quality quartz movements from the Swiss manufacturer Ronda or the Japanese brand Miyota. These movements are known for their high quality and reliability. 

The design of the quartz watch matches your look 

A quartz watch is an accessory for every day and should therefore definitely match your style. Whether you like it simple or fancy, choose a watch that matches your look and, for example, coordinate the colour of the strap with other accessories you wear every day. A black quartz watch goes particularly well if you like to wear black shoes. If your accessories, such as belts and shoes, are more brown, black is not a good match. 

Before buying, think about when you want to wear the watch and which design suits your outfits and taste best.

At Sternglas, for example, you will find a selection of different designs and you can replace the strap of the quartz watch with another one.

STERNGLAS Quarzuhr Hamburg graphit

High wearing comfort is a must

Is your watch scratching your wrist? That shouldn't happen, after all, you want to wear the model every day. A high level of comfort is ensured not only by high-quality workmanship, but also by the right material. A leather strap, for example, fits perfectly to the wrist and is hardly noticeable. 

You want to wear the watch under your shirt sleeve? Then the case height should not be too high. At Sternglas you can find slim quartz watches with a case height of only 6 mm.. 

Top workmanship for a long service life

In addition to the appearance, the quality and workmanship are of course also decisive. Make sure that the watch is made of high-quality materials and, if necessary, check the manufacturer's specifications. An absolute must for wristwatches with quartz movements is sapphire glass. It is particularly robust and scratch-resistant. We make the case out of stainless steel because this material has a high-quality look and is robust. 

For the wristband, you usually have a choice between leather or stainless steel. Your taste decides here. If you like both, just change the strap.

Good workmanship also includes the water resistance of the watch. Our quartz watches are water-resistant up to 5 bar. This means your watch is ideally protected against sweat and splashing water. 

Order your modern quartz watch from Sternglas conveniently and easily online. Pay securely, for example with PayPal, and enjoy free shipping and the best service.