Premium 20

Velvety-soft calfskin from Germany and a soft edge make the Premium 20 the ideal strap for our polished models Naos & Naos Automatik. Also fits to Hamburg, Kanton, Zirkel & Topograph.

Vintage 20

Our vintage bracelets made of Italian cowhide leather with a thickness of 3 mm and a straight cut-edge fit perfectly to our models Zirkel, TopographNaos Edition Basalt.

Metal 20

Rough and solid. Our metal strap in 316L brushed stainless steel perfectly fits to our models ZirkelTopograph and Naos Edition Basalt.

Milanaise 20

Fine-meshed and made of high-quality 316L stainless steel. The noble metal bracelet for any occasion. Fits to Junis 38, Naos, Naos Automatik, Zirkel and Topograph, Hamburg, Kanton.

Suede 20

Fine cow suede leather for a natural look. Our suede straps fit perfectly to the models Zirkel, Topograph, Naos and Junis 38.