Strap Sets

Choose from our favorites-sets and get our most beloved combos at a special price.

Modena 20

A classic leather strap made of fine Italian cowhide, light crowning and decorative stitching. Made in Germany. Suitable for our polished-silver models Hamburg, Naos, Naos Automatik, Companion, Ivo and Chrono. Also fitting Zirkel and Topograph.

Premium 20

Velvety-soft calfskin from Germany and a soft edge make the Premium 20 the ideal strap for our polished models Hamburg, Naos, Naos Automatik, Companion, Ivo and Chrono. Also fitting Zirkel and Topograph.

Vintage 20

Our vintage straps made of Italian cowhide leather with a thickness of 3 mm and a straight cut-edge fit perfectly to our models Hamburg, Naos, Naos Automatik, Companion, Ivo, Chrono, Zirkel and Topograph.

Nylon 20

Nylon strap made of the Swiss hightech-material CORDURA®. Best-in-class when it comes to resistance to abrasion and tears & 100% vegan. Fits to all polished models with a 20 mm lug width: Hamburg, Naos, Naos Automatik, Companion, Ivo and Chrono. Also fitting Zirkel and Topograph.

Metal 20

Rough and solid. Our metal strap in 316L brushed stainless steel perfectly fits to our models Zirkel and Topograph. Also fitting Hamburg, Ivo and Chrono.

Milanaise 20

Fine-meshed and made of high-quality 316L stainless steel. The noble metal bracelet for any occasion. Fits to Hamburg, Naos, Naos Automatik, Companion, Ivo Chrono, Zirkel and Topograph.

Klassik 16

A fine choice of colours and velvety-soft calf leather from Germany. The ideal strap for your Sinja & Naos XS.

Milanaise 16

Valuable, metallic, fine-meshed. A change strap in Milanaise style adds that little extra to your collection. Fits to your Sinja & Naos XS.