Perhaps you have already discovered STERNGLAS in one or another article in an online blog or magazine. We have summarized the latest articles here and linked them for you. You'll find interviews as well as reviews on STERNGLAS timepieces. Are you interested in writing about us? Find all information here.


Sternglas Hamburg in Review: The editors of the Attire Club had a closer look at the Sternglas Hamburg. What particularly impressed them: The balanced dial design and the changing look thanks to the interchangeable strap.

"[...] with the Hamburg, one cannot help but notice that it is a very balanced watch, where the numbers are easily read, the hands are easily distinguished, and the overall proportions work with each other well. And that is not something easy to achieve."

– Attire Club, Fraquoh and Franchomme (19.04.2021)


Hands-On: Sternglas Hamburg Automatik. The editor-in-chief of the Fratello Magazine tested the STERNGLAS Hamburg Automatic for you and reveals why Hamburg is a special city for him.

"When you’re from Hamburg or have a special relationship with the city, I think that the Sternglas Hamburg Automatik is a great pick. I really like the case back engraving, it makes the watch special."

– Fratello Magazine, Robert-Jan Boer (29.03.2021)

Hamburg Edition Küste: A special & limited edition supported the German NGO 'Küste gegen Plastik'. The online portal The Truth About Watches tested the special edition. 

"If you’re a minimalist watch buyer who no longer accepts cheap watches that fall into your in-box, read on."

– The Truth About Watches, Simon Basile (20.03.2021)

STERNGLAS Asthet on Kickstarter. In the latest Watch Talk of Fratello, editor Rob Nudds took a closer look at the super-slim Automatic watch Asteht.

"I think they are either ideal, versatile starter pieces for a younger watch lover looking to experiment with their first automatic movement, or for a seasoned collector looking for a slim, sophisticated dress watch to travel with when the bulk of one’s journey would require a more serious sports model."

– Fratello Magazine, Rob Nudds (25.01.2021)